Paddock Analysis Is Top Notch

Take advantage of the broadcast in Hong Kong, particularly the paddock analysis of former UK jockey Mark Richards. I have been following the broadcast for several years now and he seems to have even gotten better with age.

He has the uncanny ability to tell if an animal is right on this day by means of looking at his physical appearance in the paddock. He often makes comments about coat, body weight, physical attributes, fitness level, size and scope. It amazes me that by the look of a horse that he can often tell how it is going to run.

These are some of the intangible factors that cannot be gained from reading a form line. Factor the way horses look into your handicapping and you will see a definite improve in your results. I rarely bet a horse now that Mark pens from the paddock. However, we do see generally better results with higher class horses. As low rated individuals are by nature not going to look as good as say a high class galloper from the paddock.

The analysis is invaluable when it comes to maidens as the way a horse looks and his barrier trials are often all we have to go by on a horse's debut.

Hat's off to Mark Richards and the HKJC for providing us with such a great handicapping tool.