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Hong Kong Derby - Sha Tin Racecourse
History: The Hong Kong Derby was first run at the Happy Valley Racecourse in 1873. The original distance for the race was 1/1/2 miles (around 2400m). The first winner of the race was named Surprise. Over the years, the distance of the Hong Kong Derby has changed several times. The race was moved to the Sha Tin Racecourse in 1978 and has been run at Sha Tin since then.

The race is now run at the distance of 2000 Meters. Most Derby races are for 3 year old horses, however the Hong Kong Derby is for 4 year old horses. This is because many horses that race in Hong Kong are overseas imports. They generally need time to develop after being imported to Hong Kong. Therefore the race was deemed best for 4 year old horses.

After Group races were introduced in Hong Kong during the 1991 season, the race was declared a Group 1 event. It remains a Group 1 race today. List Of Winners of the Hong Kong Derby since 1978





2019 Furore F Lor H Bowman
2018 Ping Hai Star J Size R Moore
2017 Rapper Dragon J Moore J Moreira
2016 Werther J Moore H Bowman
2015 Luger John Size Z Purton
2014 Designs On Rome J Moore T Berry
2013 Akeed Mofeed R Gibson D Whyte
2012 Fay Fay John Size D Whyte
2011 Ambitious Dragon A T Millard M Guyon
2010 Super Satin
C Fownes
D Whyte
2009 Collection
J Moore
D Beadman
2008 Helene Mascot
A S Cruz
F Coetzee
2007 Vital King
P O'Sullivan
B Prebble
2006 Viva Pataca
J Moore
C Soumillon
2005 Vengeance Of Rain
D E Ferraris
A Delpech
2004 Lucky Owners
A S Cruz
F Coetzee
2003 Elegant Fashion
D A Hayes
G Mosse
2002 Olympic Express
I W Allan
W C Marwing
2001 Industrial Pioneer
P C Kan
G Mosse
2000 Keen Winner
A T Millard
R Fradd
1999 Holy Grail
I W Allan
D Harrison
1998 Johan Cruyff
P L Biancone
E Legrix
1997 Oriental Express
I W Allan
B Marcus
1996 Che Sara Sara
D Oughton
M Kinane
1995 Makarpura Star
J Moore
A S Cruz
1994 Super Fit
L Fownes
G Mosse
1993 Helene Star
P L Biancone
E Legrix
1992 Sound Print
P C Kan
M Kinane
1991 River Verdon
D Hill
J Matthias
1990 Reliable Source
B K Ng
M Philipperon
1989 William's Coach
P C Kan
B Leisher
1988 Clear City
P M Chu
A S Cruz
1987 Tea For Two II
C L Ng
A S Cruz
1986 Yuno When
P C Kan
C M Cheng
1985 Superior Gold
P C Kan
B Rouse
1984 Baby Tiger
T C Cheng
P Paquet
1983 Co-Tack
T P Wong
A S Cruz
1982 Football
T C Cheng
J Mercer
1981 Flash Of Gold
G Moore
G W Moore
1980 Excalibur
G Moore
G W Moore
1979 Great Success
G Sofronoff
D Brosnan
1978 Top Gain
M K Tam
P Miers