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Bet a little to win a lot, is a sound strategy at the horse races

People new to this game often want to bet a lot of money on a favorite. At first glance it looks like a good idea, after all a favorite usually looks the best in the program. The favorite horse probably has the best of statistics in the race. So he should win right?

The answer is usually no. While favorite horses often look the best, they often run the worst.

Most experienced horse players like to use a different philosophy. Very simply, it's to bet a little with a chance to win a lot.

This means we often bet against these favorites, we don't always win of course, but when we do the payout is much larger.

This allows us to play more races, for less money overall. It allows us to reduce our losses on losing days. It also allows us to maximize our wins when luck is on our side.

In reality, playing the races is around 50% skill and 50% luck.

A good friend of mine that has been playing the horses for many years once told me. There are 1000 ways of losing this game and only one way to win. More simply stated, many things can go wrong in a race, while few can go right.

Sometimes the best horses doesn't win, he could have traffic trouble during the race. Could be injured during the race or even lose the jockey.

In my opinion, betting a large amount on favorites, is over time a bad proposition.

Stick with the bet a little, to win a lot of philosophy and you will enjoy your time at the races more. While often winning more money in the process. by Kerry Zangara

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