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Race Replays At Your Fingertips

Thanks to the Hong Kong Jockey Club, all race replays from Hong Kong are available via the web. It costs nothing to use and is an invaluable resource to handicapping Hong Kong racing.

Having quality streaming replays of races at your fingertips, allows handicappers quick and easy access to video review. This is can be an important resource to quality handicapping. I find the printed race form to be an important factor when handicapping an upcoming race. But the ability to watch and see first hand what a horse did in a race. Can be a telling sign of a reason to bet, or a reason to watch and wait.

Video can often give you a truer idea of what happened in a race than what you see in the form. Things like wide trips or being caught in close quarters during the running can be hard to see when reading the form. But seeing a race replay of the event can give you a nice look into what a horse truly did.

I watch nearly every Hong Kong race live, so I already have an advantage over many punters. Yet, after a day or two memories can fade. So I feel it is a good idea to watch important replays when handicapping the upcoming race card. I also make notes of things I see on race day and want to look out for when watching replays. Sometimes things I noticed live are confirmed, but other times things I thought affected a horse's performance ( traffic, checking, wide trip, etc.) don't always look so bad when you watch the race replay a few times. 

Either way it's great to have such an important handicapping tool available at your fingertips, whenever you need it. After all, the reality of what happened in a race is a "key" tool in selecting winning horses.

You can find all the replays you need under the results section of the Hong Kong Jockey Club website. The direct link is posted below. by Kerry Zangara